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Welcome Statement: Welcome to! is a rapidly growing site for adults who want to check out a person to see if they have been identified as a Player, or post truth worthy information about a person who played them. is about relationship accountability, "If you play you pay". Players wind up paying here by having their actions posted online. To make the process easier, provides the means for people to post their experiences networking together to help share information so they can make better, safer and smarter dating and relationship decisions. Database postings and e-mail addresses are strictly confidential and we do not share or sell your information to anyone. highlights include free internet relationship cheating advice, signs of cheating people, and reasons why people cheat and lie online. offers advice from online dating experts, relationship experts, and a consortium of its members to help promote safe dating. supports factual posts by both women and men who want to share their experience about someone they were involved with who cheated and/or know of them playing someone. is not meant to be a forum for scorned women or bitter men posting blatant fabrications about a past relationship that may have ended badly or never developed at all. The search engine database was created for anyone who feels there is a reason to check someone out! Members can compete in the $50.00 cash drawing by playing the Guess-A-Player Cash Sweepstakes! By proceeding further, you hereby agree to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy and that you are or over the age of 18. If you do not, please exit now.
Stay away from him at all cost!
Alex Williams
USA - New York
Posted by:
Falsely accuses Black Teens of stealing phones
Miya Ponsetto
USA - California
Posted by:
Takes your money and goes after others
Rhonda M. Davis
USA - California
Posted by:
Hoos Em n Dumps Em
Chris D Walters
USA - New York
Posted by:
Golder digger and cheater!
Sandra Denise Ross
USA - North Carolina
Posted by:
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